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Recliner Swivel Armchairs 

There's nothing quite like putting your feet up to recline after a stressful day. A Swivel Recliner Armchair is one of the most comfortable recliners you can buy. The modern designs, sleek lines and fabulous finishes make this type of Recliner Chair extremely popular. The versatility of being able to recliner the backrest to any angle that suits you and then lock it into position gives you an infinite number of recline positions. The swivel action of the chair gives you a full 360-degree rotation making it easy to pick up that glass of wine off the side table without spilling it or turn on that table lamp without overstretching. Often recliner chairs can have a footrest that is too short for a tall person and on the other hand, it can be too high for a short person. The separate footstool makes a Swivel Recliner Armchair suitable for all sizes.

Fabric Swivel Recliner Chairs

Swivel Recliner Chairs have in the past only been available in leather, but now fabric upholstery is just as popular as leather. Soft Chenille fabrics are an ideal upholstery fabric to use on a Recliner Chair. They are soft and warm to the touch and look stunning. Choosing a Fabric Swivel Recliner Chair is mainly down to a personal choice, however, there are a few things to bear in mind. Is the seat wide enough? some of us are a little larger around the rear than others and if this is the case try slipping your hands down the side of your hips while sitting in a chair to ensure that is not too snug. Check that your spine is correctly supported, a well-supported spine has a huge impact on posture and general health. Is it comfortable? an obvious question you might say, but most of us are naturally attracted to the cosmetic appearance of a product and often don't spend enough time trying it. Sit in the chair, alter the angle of the backrest, put your feet up, get used to how the chair works and spend time reclining in it, after all, it is what you will be doing when you get it home.


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