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Why Rise and Recline Chairs

Most people who struggle to get out of a chair, usually try to shuffle to the front of the seat and then try to stand up.  This is not easy to do and puts an awful lot of strain on your shoulders wrists and elbows. There are now options with many products available that will assist you in getting out of a chair. The best and safest option is a Rise and Recline Chair. A good quality chair that will gently ease you into a standing position is ideal when the user is unsteady on their feet. With a touch button hand control located in the side pocket, you are in complete control of the chair movement. Simply press the rise button and the chair will start to lift and tilt you forward. You can stop the movement at any point by simply releasing the button on the hand control. When sitting, again using the hand control you can raise the footrest to lift your feet and legs into a reclined position. By releasing the touch button control you can stop the movement of the chair at any point.

Electric Rise and Recline Chair

Although the chair has to be plugged into mains electric, most rise and recline chairs have a basic battery backup system as standard. This will allow the user to raise the chair in the case of a power cut, thus, preventing entrapment. As an optional extra, British manufacturers of Rise and Recline Chairs also offer a more substantial battery backup option which will give up to 20 lifts of power. This allows the user to operate the chair during a power cut.

British made Rise and Recline Chairs are slightly more expensive than imported models, but they are made to a higher specification, use the latest technology and components and are supported by a full 5 year guarantee.

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