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Recliner Chairs

Recliner Chairs have experienced an unprecedented surge in popularity recently and are now enjoyed by people of all age brackets, reaffirming the timeless appeal of the good old recliner chair.
The availability of different styles, designs, fabrics, and leather ensures that there is something to cater to everyone's individual tastes and preferences. Choosing the right recliner chair is one of the most important purchases you can make.

Riser And Recliner Chairs

A good quality Riser Recliner Chair will change your life!

Helping you regain your independence is one of the main benefits of a Riser Recliner Chair. There is nothing worse than having to rely on others to physically hoist you out of your chair. By using the Lift and Tilt function, a riser chair will gently ease you (at your own pace) safely into a standing position. This allows you to be more active, less reliant on others, and more independent.

There are also many health benefits to owning a Riser Recliner Chairthey are especially beneficial to those who have to sit for long periods due to illness or disability. Simply raising your feet by using the recliner function can help with circulation problems and for sufferers of ailments such as edema, this can also help disperse fluid from your feet and legs. Sufferers of other ailments such as Arthritis, Diabetes, and many other problems will also experience huge benefits.

The Recliner Store has been trading online for over 18 years and Riser Recliner Chairs are very much our specialties. Our range is one of the most comprehensive on the market. Customers can choose from Petite sizes to large models with a user weight limit of up to 30 stone and a 5-year guarantee. We stock all the leading brands, including British manufacturer Celebrity Furniture which has been producing quality Riser Recliner Chairs and Manual Recliner Chairs in the UK for over 50 years. 

Dual Motor Riser Recliner Chairs are the most popular as they are ideal for those with restricting mobility issues and who need to sit for long periods, Dual Motor Riser Recliner Chairs give more flexibility and recline options by allowing you to operate the footrest and backrest independently. There are also Single Motor Riser Recliner Chairs for those who just need to put their feet up now and again but also need the power lift facility that will safely ease you into a standing position.

At The Recliner Store, we endeavor to cater to all our customer's needs and offer most of our Riser Recliner Chairs in 3 different sizes, ranging from Petite to Standard and also the impressive Grande size. Many of the chairs we stock have a user weight limit of up to 20 stone, however, Riser Recliner Chairs made in the UK such as the ever-popular Westbury Grande Riser Recliner Chair have a user weight limit of 30 stone.

Many of our chairs are available in up to 30 shades of stunning real leather or you can choose from over 70 soft chenille fabrics, including stripes, florals, and plain, so complementing your existing decor is easy, you can also purchase a matching sofa and maybe a fixed chair to complete the set.

When purchasing your new chair, take a little time to ensure you get the right size to fit you. Compare the measurements of your existing chair, with the measurements of a new chair. Check the seat height, seat width and seat depth. When you have found the correct size, then decide if you need a chair with the Single Motor Recliner option or a chair with the Deluxe Dual Motor Recliner option.

Buying the correct Riser Recliner Chair is important and it will definitely change your life...for the better.

Reclining Armchairs

We have an ever-growing selection of Reclining Armchairs to choose from, many produced here in the UK by manufacturers such as Celebrity Furniture and GFA, to name just a few.

Over the years Armchairs that Recline have evolved and are now enjoyed by both young and old. You can put your feet up and recline back to a night in front of the TV watching your favorite programs, you can even have a deeply soothing massage to ease those aching muscles and joints.

Youngsters also love modern recliners as they are able to plug their devices into discrete USB sockets allowing them to surf and stream the internet. 

Today, there's a Recliner for everyone, 

Manual Recliner Chairs are still extremely popular and still account for the bulk of our sales, however, Electric Recliner Chairs (often referred to as Power Recliners) are fast becoming a close second.

Modern Reclining Chairs are sleek, stylish, and available in various designs and sizes. Gone are the bulky old recliners that used to fill your entire living room and you needed the biceps of a bodybuilder to operate them. Now the new 'super smooth' recliner actions make the latest generation of recliners so easy to operate. Simply pull the catch/handle and the footrest will smoothly raise, then using your body weight, lean back to recline the backrest. Sit forward and the backrest will automatically return to the upright position. It's really that simple.

Electric Recliner Chairs are now far more available than ever before and can be purchased as either a Dual Motor Electric Recliner or a Single Motor Electric Recliner. The Dual Motor option allows you to operate the backrest and footrest independently, they also allow you to recline to an almost flat position.

Leather Reclining Chairs have always been the pinnacle of reclining comfort and in today's modern world, this still applies. Leather is probably the most durable cover you can use to upholster furniture and is also one of the few things in life that gets better with age.

Swivel Recliners

Swivel Recliners are becoming ever more popular. The modern designs are attractive to both young and old and are a great addition to any household, be it a modern apartment or a country cottage.

Swivel recliners are the perfect addition to any room, from the living room to the bedroom...even the home office. 

So put your feet up. relax and enjoy the comfort of a modern reclining chair.

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