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24th May 2022
Are you Sitting Comfortably?
13th May 2022
Long Live The Queen
09th May 2022
Ready for Retirement? When we have spent many years working for a living, we can often find ourselves dreaming our lives away, yearning for the day when we can finally retire. In the UK at the moment the age that men and women can claim their state pension is 66 but this will increase to 67 by 2028, younger people won’t be able to claim until they are 68. Of course if you have been able to pay enough into a private pension or you have a good work pension you may be able to retire earlier.
25th Apr 2022
Potty About Plants

Plant Potty

In one of our recent blogs we touched on the fact that houseplants have become very popular in the last couple of years.  It’s not surprising that they have become a big trend; not only can keeping plants help to improve mental health but some of them can also improve air quality by absorbing pollutants.  They are a great way to bring nature into the home and the feeling of growing and nurturing something can be so therapeutic.  

07th Apr 2022
Decorate without Decorating

Your new riser recliner chairs and sofas have arrived, been unpacked and set up in your living area - fantastic.  Only when you look around your room, you feel like you could have done with decorating the room first.  Sound familiar?  Well there’s no need to start thinking about covering your lovely new furniture in dust sheets and lugging out the paint pots or even spending extra money on setting on a professional decorator just yet.  With a bit of thought and imagination you can make your room look fresh and modern just by adding a few touches of colour from the many home accessories that are available nowadays

04th Apr 2022
The Recliner Store Delivery Options

At the Recliner Store we pride ourselves on the quality of the products we sell and the service we give our customers, and our delivery service is no exception.

When choosing one of our products there are multiple choices for delivery and remember all our deliveries are Free of Charge.

31st Mar 2022
The Best Recliner Chair For you
Once you have decided to treat yourself to a new recliner chair, it can be quite daunting to find the one that’s best for you. There is a wide range of recliner chairs out there and there are so many different options available nowadays that choosing one can sometimes be a bit, well confusing to say the least. Here, we try to explain some of the options available to hopefully make your choice that bit easier. Obviously colour and fabric choice is a personal thing and we wouldn’t presume to advise anyone on what to decide on there. You know your own home and your likes and dislikes as well as being able to take your own taste into consideration, so we will stay out of that one. One of the main decisions when buying a recliner chair is whether to go for a manual or electric option:
24th Mar 2022
Caring For your New Leather Furniture
12th Mar 2022
Mad About Plastic

Yes I'm mad about plastic.  Obviously not in the "wow this stuff is great '' kind of mad but the "this is absolutely crazy and I am fuming" kind of mad.  First of all, years ago I read that plastic doesn't biodegrade and so I thought, well, the people that run the show must have a way of getting rid of it, after all we can't keep producing this stuff if there is no way of getting rid of it and so in my ignorance I thought that the powers that be would be taking care of the situation.  Now as we all know that is just so not the case and we find ourselves in this nightmare situation of having plastic over running the planet, with no sign of it abating.  Ridiculous!

So what can we do?  Well, we can all at the very least play a part in reducing the amount of plastic that we buy and use.  After watching "that" programme by David Bellamy, who brought the plastic situation to the attention of the world, even though I had already reduced my own plastic consumption, I vowed to continue my quest to greatly reduce my use of plastic wherever and whenever I could.

03rd Mar 2022
Shoes For The Sole
After a lovely long walk with my furry friend I finally relaxed in my recliner chair with footrest raised to soothe my aching feet and I began to think about all the different kinds of shoes I've had over the years. There have always been so many different styles to choose from, styles that change over the seasons according to the latest fashion or fad. From kitten heels to wedges, "crocs" and "moccasins" plastic, fabric or leather the amount of variations are endless.
11th Feb 2022
Celebrity Furniture
09th Feb 2022
Is a Riser Recliner Right for you?
27th Jan 2022
Swivel Recliner Chairs
19th Jan 2022
The Benefits Of Recliner Chairs
18th Jan 2022
What Dorris has to say
16th Jan 2022
The Love Of Walking


Walking in the great outdoors has got to be one of the most enjoyable of pastimes, especially when accompanied by man’s best friend.

My own little bestie loves a good walk through as many muddy, filthy places as possible, just so that he can take a great big leap into the dirtiest of puddles and have a good old shake when he gets out.  Lovely! That’s another bath then (for both of us).  Never mind there’s so much fun to be had.

13th Jan 2022
Riser Recliner Chairs With Massage
06th Jan 2022
Protect Your New Recliner Chair
28th Mar 2021
Riser Recliner Chairs For The Elderly
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