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Date: 23-May-2019     Time: 12:55
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Is a riser recliner
right for you?

You never thought the day would come when you need to start looking at mobility furniture. But age comes to all of us and it's good to know your options when looking at the different types of mobility furniture out there. One of the most popular items for people with back and leg problems are riser recliners. You can buy riser recliner chairs in independent furniture shops and mobility stores. It's worth having a good look around because as with all furniture, what suits some people might not suit everyone.

Date: 07-Jun-2019     Time: 15:32
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Meet Dorris

Dorris has now had her Sherborne Keswick small riser recliner chair for 3 months now and she kindly wrote in to say that it has made a huge difference to her comfort and made getting in and out of her chair less stressful.

Date: 10-Jul-2019     Time: 15:39
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Spotlight On Sherborne Upholstery

The Sherborne Upholstery company have been making their exciting range of rise and recline chairs and sofas for over eighty-five years. As a leading UK brand, they have a wealth of experience and craftsmanship in building riser recliners, so you can rest assured that the chair you receive has been built to the highest possible standard. Below we explore their range of soft fabric and leather rise and recline chairs and the many benefits that they offer you.

Date: 15-Aug-2019     Time: 17:02
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A Look at Celebrity Motion Furniture | The Recliner Store

Celebrity Motion Furniture

There are a number of speciality products available within the Celebrity Motion Furniture brand, suitable for all users. The Celebrity Westbury Riser Recliner is a particularly popular product, coming in a range of sizes from petite to the impressive Grande, with either a single or a dual motor recliner action as standard.

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