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Electric Recliner Chair

Power Recliners are the ultimate in luxury. At a simple press of a button, you can raise or lower your legs to the exact position you require. Modern Powered Recliner Chairs have touch button controls situated under the arm on the side of the chair.

The main difference between a Manual Recliner Chair and an Electric Recliner. The footrest on a Manual Recliner Chair is sprung loaded and when released to open the footrest fully elevates. In other words, the footrest is either fully elevated or closed. Whereas the footrest of an Electric Recliner can be raised or lowered to the height or position that the user requires. This gives the user an infinite number of reclined positions. An Electric Recliner Chair is often mistaken for an Electric Riser Recliner Chair. Both types of recliners have the same recline functions, but the Riser Recliner Chair will also tilt forward and gently lift the user into a standing position. A good quality electric chair will have a basic battery backup system as standard (usually British made). This will allow the user to exit the chair in the event of a power cut.

Single Motor Recliner Chair

A Single Motor Power Recliner has one motor that operates the footrest. You can raise or lower the Recliner using the touch buttons on the side of the chair. To adjust the angle of the backrest, continue to raise the footrest further. When the footrest reaches approximately two-thirds height the backrest will start to recline. To recline the backrest further, continue raising the footrest. The backrest can then recline to an approximate 45-degree angle.

Dual Motor Recliner Chairs

Electric Recliner Chairs are not just the height of luxury. They are also a necessity for those who have to sit for long periods. You can now buy an Electric Recliner with a Luxury Dual Motor Recliner Action. A Dual Motor Action means, there is one motor for the footrest and a second motor for the backrest. Both motors can operate independently. This gives the user an infinite number of recline positions. The backrest can recline to an almost flat position.

Leather Recliners

Our Leather Recliners are produced in Britain by long-standing manufacturers, including Celebrity Furniture, Wilcare and GFA. Only Uk sourced Real Leather hides only are used in their production. There are no splits, plastics, or bonded leathers. Just Real Leather. This ensures the product you buy will look good, feel great and serve you well.

British made Electric Recliner Chairs are guaranteed for 5-years, including frames, metal recliner actions and all electrical components.

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