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Meet Dorris

Dorris has now had her Sherborne Keswick small riser recliner chair for 3 months now and she kindly wrote in to say that it has made a huge difference to her comfort and made getting in and out of her chair less stressful.

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What Dorris has to say

Gary was really helpful when I rang up to order my chair. He explained all about the different sizes and the dual motor option that I went for.

What is so good about the Keswick Small Riser Recliner?

The reason the Keswick riser recliner chair is so good is because it has the option of a dual motor which means that you can adjust the footrest to where it is most comfortable and then independently adjust the back as well. The 6 buttoned handset also features a return to the start position which is makes life easy. Furthermore the riser recliner option can raise someone to a standing position so you can literally walk out of the chair.

With a variety of sizes Dorris was able to pick the small sizes which meant her legs were not dangling (as it is also less deeper in the seat than the standard model). Also, if you are of a shorter stature then you won't feeling like you are lost in the chair - but actually supported from all sides.

Other customers have been equally complementary about the Keswick Riser Recliner chair. One ladies next door neighbour was that impressed that she bought 2 as well for her husband and herself.

The Keswick Collection

The Keswick collection doesn't just consist of a small riser recliner chair. There are over 30 different pieces in the range. Various sizes of 2 seaters, 3 seater sofas, chairs, recliners with riser recliner options and a whole host of other choices. Not to mention a selection of over 50 fabrics or leather covers.


Sherborne Upholstery are so confident about the quality of their Riser Recliner Chairs that they now support all their products with a comprehensive 5 Year Guarantee.

It's worth bearing in mind a few things when you start looking around at rise and recline chairs. Think about whether or not you want to control the leg rest rising or whether you would prefer it to rise automatically. Also, consider the space the chair needs to fit in. These chairs are generally bigger than other armchairs as they have to accommodate the tilting aspect. This means they need around a foot extra of space in front of and behind it. ‍

Whichever riser recliner you decide to go for, rest assured it will change your life!

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