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Is a riser recliner
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You never thought the day would come when you need to start looking at mobility furniture. But age comes to all of us and it's good to know your options when looking at the different types of mobility furniture out there. One of the most popular items for people with back and leg problems are riser recliners. You can buy riser recliner chairs in independent furniture shops and mobility stores. It's worth having a good look around because as with all furniture, what suits some people might not suit everyone.

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The benefits of riser recliners

If you've slipped a disk, have general pain in the lumbar region or have foot and leg pain, you will find that riser recliners are perfect for you. For years you've probably been struggling to get out of your low sofa or armchair. With a riser recliner, however, you'll be able to get up from the chair without pain and without any awkward shifting. No more pain and no more 'senior' noises while you get yourself into a standing position.

Why people buy a rise and recline chair

Generally, people buy rise and recline chairs when they have mobility issues. It's a good idea to speak to a health professional if there is a specific issue which affects your mobility. Physiotherapists and general healthcare practitioners know most of the tricks of the trade and will be able to point you in the right direction for the best mobility furniture for your needs.

If you've been finding that more and more you need someone to help you get out of your comfy armchair, then buying a riser recliner will, without doubt, give you your independence back. You won't have to struggle to get up and out of the armchair anymore. No, the rise and recline chair will help you rise and get out of the chair independently.

When looking at and trying out riser recliners, make sure that the chair isn't too high for you. Your feet must touch the floor or your legs and lumbar region could feel even more painful. Try as many chairs as you want - don't feel embarrassed about trying to get in and out of the chairs. This is an investment in your future comfort and mobility, so take your time.

Single Motor or Dual Motor, What is the difference?

Most good quality riser recliner chairs are available with either a single motor or dual motor recliner option. Both options have the lift and rise function but the big difference is when you come to recline the chair. A single motor chair will raise your legs and feet, when the footrest reaches approximately two thirds height the backrest will automatically start to recline, With the dual motor model the backrest and footrest can be operated totally independently of each other… you can even recline the backrest without raising your feet.


British manufacturers such as Sherborne Upholstery and Celebrity Motion Furniture are so confident about the quality of their Riser Recliner Chairs that they now support all their products with a comprehensive 5 Year Guarantee.

It's worth bearing in mind a few things when you start looking around at rise and recline chairs. Think about whether or not you want to control the leg rest rising or whether you would prefer it to rise automatically. Also, consider the space the chair needs to fit in. These chairs are generally bigger than other armchairs as they have to accommodate the tilting aspect. This means they need around a foot extra of space in front of and behind it.

Whichever riser recliner you decide to go for, rest assured it will change your life!

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