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Celebrity Fabric Recliner Chairs

Celebrity fabric Recliner Chairs are available in over 80 chenille fabrics in plains, patterns and stripes.

Celebrity Recliner Chairs now have the latest Super Smooth Recliner Actions that make operating the chair so easy. 

You can now choose between a Celebrity Handle Recliner Chair or a Celebrity Recliner Chair with a Catch. To operate the Handle Recliner simply pull the handle and the footrest will then come up, to recline the backrest, lean back using your body weight to recline the backrest. The backrest is sprung loaded so to raise the backrest again, sit forward and the backrest will move with you. To close the footrest, pull the handle. The Celebrity Recliner Chair with a Catch Recliner Action operates the same as the Handle option, except when you close the footrest, you pull your feet towards you, thus closing the footrest.

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